Nudo&crudo: Restaurant in Vasto


Your restaurant at sea level


A few minutes from the beach of Punta Penna and Vasto Marina


A stone's throw from the sea, in the wake of a long tradition of fishing families, a new idea of fish. Seasonal products, fresh raw materials, craftsmanship and simple preparation transform the dishes of the restaurant in Vasto, Nudo&Crudo, into a flavor that makes you feel at home.


Brodetto alla vastese

Abruzzo is the traditional recipe for a rustic and tasty fish soup: this is the Brodetto alla vastese, a typical soup of Vasto, which is still prepared in classic earthenware.
bancone nudo e crudo


Come and find us at lunchtime, in a place suited to the needs of customers who will enjoy a healthy break in a comfortable and welcoming environment.
specialità giorno Vasto

Specialties of the day

Scapece alla vastese. A dish that can be preserved for up to 20 days and is sold especially during the festivals and folk festivals of Abruzzo, confirming the passion and popular attention to food and wine and typical cuisine.
Why choose Nudo&Crudo
We just want to give you 6 good reasons to choose us; come and see for yourself and try to suggest others.
Why choose Nudo&Crudo:

  • Seasonality of fish and vegetables at the right km.
  • Quality products for a result that is accessible to everyone.
  • Extra virgin olive oil, always.
  • Fast service (self-service at lunch).
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • Private parking (20 parking spaces) and public parking at 15 mt on Via Ciccarone.


Ristorante a Vasto
pesce in padella
olive e carote


Healthy and Tasty
Dish description
Dish description
gamberoni in padella
Dish description
Dish description
Dish description
gamberoni e insalata
Dish description

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